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How is viscose manufactured?

Viscose fibers are produced by the viscose process, a wet spinning process. For this purpose, the cellulose is first decomposed by the use of a sodium hydroxide solution and mixed with carbon disulfide.

The result is cellulose xanthenes, which is rendered spendable by repeated addition of sodium hydroxide solution. The spinning solution is then fired through narrow spinnerets. The result is endlessly long fibers that are cut and bundled into fiber bundles.

By variations in the production and in the after-treatment viscose fibers can be very well adapted to the intended processing and use purposes. The simplest adaptation to later stages of processing is the cutting or tearing of the filament tow drawn from the spinning bath.

What features viscose?

Viscose is a material that is very easy to clean and more warm than cotton. It can be washed and dried in the machine and is usually also wrinkle free without wrinkles. Fabrics made of viscose can absorb a lot of water and pass it on, so they are perceived as pleasant on the skin. This applies equally to clothing and bedding. Therefore, risks and skin irritations may only arise due to dying or fiber equipment.

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Viscose fabrics are easy to dye as they absorb color well. The fiber also absorbs moisture well, is smooth, soft and elastic. Clothes are often made of viscose. In the bedroom, viscose meets us primarily as a viscose jersey cover for mattresses. Since the starting material is available for further processing both as a staple fiber and as a continuous fiber, the substance offers many uses.

The environmentally friendly textile

Compared with cotton, the production of viscose requires significantly less water. In addition, neither herbicides nor pesticides are used in the extraction. Viscose fibers are made of the renewable raw material wood compared to real synthetic fibers whose raw material is extracted from crude oil or natural gas. Among the cellulose-derived materials, the production process is considered to be the most environmentally friendly. The reason is the substances used. Do you also looking for best mattress brand?