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Memory foam double mattress:

The latest findings on mattresses are those made of memory foam. Initially, a NASA patent developed to fill space suits and Shuttle seats. Today it is widely used for the construction of mattresses, precisely in memory foam. The memory is nothing more than expanded foam with different densities for each layer of which the mattress is composed. The various densities help to better support the weight of the body and adapt to its temperature.

In addition to buying an entire memory foam mattress, you can also choose to buy only a memory foam mattress cover. Among the advantages of memory foam double mattresses, we must certainly include the adaptability of this material towards the body. Memory is able to reduce pressure points and relieve pain. Furthermore, the material softens the movements, so on a double bed, if your partner turns around continuously, you will not be disturbed by his movements.

Among the disadvantages that instead have double memory foam mattresses, we must remember that being very adaptable to body temperature they soften at high temperatures. So they are not suitable for those people who are already very hot during the night. Furthermore, it must be remembered that memory is an artificial material. Some mattresses, therefore, emit a particular odor that could be unpleasant.

Prices of double mattresses:

Double mattress prices very often the high cost of a mattress is directly proportional to its high quality but how to tell if a mattress is really of excellent quality? And based on what factors does the cost of a mattress increase? First of all, the price varies greatly based on the material you choose to buy and the thickness of the block. Obviously, the higher the mattress you want to buy and the greater the amount of material used, the higher the price.

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The fabric of the mattress cover also affects the final price. The weight of the fabric that makes up the mattress cover greatly affects the final cost of the product. Usually, the best pillowcases are made of Aloe Vera or silver. In addition, the more expensive mattresses, in addition to having an excellent pillowcase, also have another called “Interlock”, which serves to isolate the mattress from humidity.