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Stains on the mattress – what to do?

Mites are a rather “invisible” characteristic of hygiene in bed. The other is visible stains, which of course you do not want to have on the mattress. The predominant contaminants include urine, blood and sweat stains. If you eat in bed from time to time or maybe watch TV from your sleeping place, you may know coffee or red wine stains. How do you remove these?

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Urine: absorb as much moisture as possible with a kitchen roll, soak the stain with lemon juice and let it dry, then brush it out; finish with disinfectant spray and let it air well

Blood: fresh patches are easiest to remove; always treat generously with cold water, because the protein in the blood clots with hot water; Gall soap has also proven itself; Let the mattress dry thoroughly

Sweat: Dissolve two sachets of baking soda in a cup with warm water and pour mixture into a spray bottle to generously spray the stain, incorporate with a soft brush and allow to dry; Alternatively, a 1: 1 water-vinegar mixture works

Coffee: can be removed very well with gall soap or normal warm water

Red wine: liberally sprinkle salt on the stain, which absorbs the wine and then vacuum the mattress, you can also use mineral water as support.

When using cleaners: Make sure it does not harm the material of your mattress. In addition, the soaking of the mattress should be avoided so that no mold forms inside.

We are also often asked what is to do in a mattress with mold or mildew. Do not use this mattress anymore! Although they can control the surface of the mold, they do not kill all the dangerous spores, which are then inhaled while sleeping. This can cause or promote respiratory diseases, especially in people with allergies or children!

Conclusion for mattress cleaning

Not only the regular change of bed linen belongs to good hygiene in bed – the mattress needs a little attention. Ventilate your sleeping pad now and then, ensure a good indoor climate and wash your mattress cover at least 60 degrees.